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Izabela Nowak • 0488-98.65.32


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Work fields:
Individual psychotherapy with adults

Work method:
Works from a humanistic, recovery-oriented and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) framework, believing that people have within themselves vast resources for development and capacity for living a satisfying and hopeful life even in presence of limitations. Proceeds from developing a view of the problem with the client in a supportive and respectful manner. This is followed by identification of personalised, therapy goals and interventions to address them, mostly derived from traditional and so called „third wave” CBT approaches. The sessions may alternate with solution-focused brief therapy to facilitate the collaborative problem-solving. The process involves active participation during sessions and integrates homework into the working method.

Works with:

PhD Fellow Medical Sciences
MA Psychology
Post Academic degree in CBT-oriented clinical practice
Mindfulness training
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training for psychosis
Schema Therapy training for borderline and narcissistic personality disorder
Applied Behaviour Analysis training
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy training

Officially recognised by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: 792317623)

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