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Dr. Aisha Cortoos • 0486-44.26.90


Works in: English Nederlands

Work fields:
Individual psychotherapy with adults
Family and couples therapy
Sleep training (CBT-I)
Relaxation training

Work method:
Works within a systemic framework, in which each individual is approached and respected within his/her beliefs and context. Depending on the specific demand of each client, and the relationship that develops, I use a more exploratory and supportive style, or rather a more structured and problem-solving approach. This can evolve and change during therapy.

Relaxation training
I combine the classical relaxation techniques, such as abdominal breathing, progressive relaxation and biofeedback, with more recent meditation techniques. The latter targets a more controlled use of our attentional processes in order to live more consciously combined with a friendly non-judgmental attitude towards ourselves.

Sleep training
Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is an international recognized training program combining knowledge of sleep physiology and cognitive behavioral techniques. In 5 to 7 sessions behavioural aspects, cognitive patterns and general knowledge about sleep and sleep complaints are targeted and adjusted if needed. The main goal of this training is improving knowledge and control of sleep, as well as gaining the skills necessary to overcome future stressful situations that might disrupt your sleep-wake rhythm again.

Cognitive-behavioural treatment of Burn-out
Burn-out is a work-related condition that is regarded as an energy disorder. It arises when a person uses maladaptive coping strategies for a longer period in response to (chronic) stressful situations. This results in an imbalance between ‘energy givers’ (things that charge us, boosts us, results in recuperation,…) and ‘energy takers’ (things that are heavy, straining, for which we have to use energy, …). This imbalance gradually increases and results in draining our batteries, going from a half-full battery (normal stress), to a nearly empty battery (overload and hyperarousal), to a completely drained and empty battery (Burn-out).
During treatment it is important to carefully identify the causes and specific situations that have led to this energy imbalance, how this evolved over time and what is necessary to bring back the balance and charge the batteries. Different kind of exercises and techniques will be used, depending on the needs of the client.

Works with:
adults, couples and families

MA Clinical Psychology
PhD in Psychology
Postgraduate Neurofeedback in ADHD
Postgraduate in systemic psychotherapy
International sleep medicine course (ISMC)

Workshop: Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: the basics and beyond
2-day workshop: Cognitive behavioural treatment of Burn-out (the Human Link)

Belgian Federation of Psychologists
Belgian Association for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (B.A.S.S.)
Belgian Association for Couple- and Familytherapy and Systemic Counseling

Officially recognised by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: 812108739)

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