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Marta Noordhoek • 0486-65.61.70


Works in: English Polski

Work fields:
Individual psychotherapy with children (> 0 years), adolescents and adults
Couple therapy

Work method:
Works within a psychodynamic framework, which draws on theories and practices of psychoanalysis. Focusing on interpretations of transference (patient’s relationship with the therapist), defense mechanisms and current symptoms, psychodynamic therapy helps patients understand and resolve their symptoms by increasing awareness of their inner world. This process helps patients to identify his/ her individual patterns and gradually develop the capacity to understand and change them.
The preliminary consultations let both the patient and the therapist gather basic information, set realistic goals and decide about its exploratory or supportive style. One of the main principles is respect for patient’s decisions, believes and symptoms. An individual therapeutic approach is applied for every person concerned.

Works with:
children (> 0 years), adolescents, adults and couples

MA in Clinical Psychology
Postgraduate Studies in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Mother-Infant Relationship Analysis
Postgraduate Studies in Therapy via Art
Postgraduate Studies in Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy of Adolescents

Polish Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Association
Belgian Federation of Psychologists

Officially recognised by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (affiliation number: 772208907)

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