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Your rights as a client

If you decide to start treatment (e. g. psychotherapy) with a clinical psychologist, this is a legal agreement between you and your psychologist. Such an agreement entails rights and obligations. If you are going to psychotherapy, it is important to be aware of this.

Since September 1st 2016, the clinical psychologist has been granted a number of additional legal obligations and rights as a recognized healthcare profession. These are listed in the law of 10 May 2015 on health professions. Moreover, he is also bound by the Patient Rights Act.

Overview of new duties and rights for clinical psychologists in NL and F:

Continuity of care
Diagnostic and therapeutic freedom
Obligation to refer a client/patient to another healthcare professional if necessary
Right to remuneration
Agreements for the use of premises, personnel or materials
Prohibition of unlawful benefits and dichotomy

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