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What is a clinical psychologist ?

Clinical psychologists deal with psychological knowledge and interventions to help people with psychosocial and health problems. The aim is to support people solve problems and/or adapt better to the demands of their daily lives.

The team at Psygroup consists of several clinical psychologist-psychotherapists. They have been recognized by the Commission of Psychologists. In addition, they are all members of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP/FBP) and various psychotherapy associations.

Since September 1st 2016, the clinical psychologist is recognized independent health professional in Belgium. This means that clinical psychologists are legally bound by the code of ethics and must comply with the law of health care professions.

The question often rises about the difference between a psychiatrist - clinical psychologist - psychotherapist?

A psychiatrist has a medical background. He or she studied medicine and then specialised in psychiatry. Since a psychiatrist is a physician, he can prescribe medication and the psychiatric consultation is partly refunded by the Belgian health care.

A psychologist has, as a psychiatrist, a university degree, but is not a physician. Psychology is the science that studies the behaviour of human beings. This does not only refer to what people do and how they do it, but also what people feel, think and how they come to decisions. Psychology looks at general characteristics of human behaviour, but also at differences, individuals and groups, problematic and normal behaviour.

A clinical psychologist has a masters degree in the field of clinical psychology. The clinical psychologist tries to investigate, explain and treat human functioning through various methods, techniques and approaches (including psychotherapy).​

And what is the place of a psychotherapist in this?
A psychotherapist is someone who treats psychic suffering through consultation.

Since September 1st 2016, psychotherapy has also been regulated by law, it is seen as a specialisation (treatment) reserved for physicians, clinical orthopaedicists and clinical psychologists.

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