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Some practical agreements

The team is composed of several psychologists-psychotherapists.
Every staff member is responsible for his/her own work.

You can make an appointment by phoning one of the staff members, on your own initiative or after referral by your doctor.

Our staff regularly meet with fellow psychologists and with psychiatrist colleagues for “intervision”, reinforcing the quality of our work.

Duties of the psychologist

A psychologist must follow certain rules in the practice of his job. These rules are mentioned in the code of ethics of the Commission of Psychologists, more info.
This code protects the rights of clients and insures the quality of the profession.
On the other hand, the psychologist can expect you to treat him with respect and stick to agreements made.
All psychologists working at Psygroup are recognized by the Commission of Psychologists. They are all members of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists.

Confidentiality of data

Everything said during psychotherapy is subject to the professional secrecy. Only with your explicit permission information can be shared with third parties (e.g. general practitioner).
Complete discretion is guaranteed, since we work as private psychotherapists and access to our files by third parties is impossible.

Duration of a session

An individual session lasts ± 45 minutes.
A couple session lasts ± 60 minutes.
A family session lasts ± 75 minutes.


If you cancel an appointment, the concerned psychologist must be informed at least 48 hours before the appointment on his mobile phone. Appointments not cancelled on time will be charged

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