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Code of ethics

Here you can find the code of ethics* in Dutch or in French

The rules of conduct that are part of the code are divided according to five values or principles:

Duty of professional confidentiality: a psychologist must in all circumstances treat the information exchanged with the client confidentially. This is also the case after the professional relationship ends. Only in certain cases does the law make an exception to this duty of professional confidentiality.

Respecting the person’s dignity and rights : a psychologist must respect the client’s rights, more specifically his freedom, dignity, privacy, autonomy and integrity. The psychologist has to work carefully, with respect for you as a client. He is not allowed to force you to anything. If he asks you to do or to say something and you do not want that, you do not need to comply with the demand.

Responsibility : a psychologist is, regardless of his work rules, responsible for the choices he makes and the advice he gives.

Competency : a psychologist must keep up and further develop his expertise.

Integrity and honesty : as a professional, a psychologist takes an independent position.
However, he may not promote his personal interests as part of practising his profession. This principle restrains, among others, pursuit of profit, mixing roles and publicity on behalf of psychologists. The other way round, the psychotherapist can expect from you that you treat him or her with respect and that you keep your engagements.

*If the deontological code is not complied with, you can submit a complaint to the Commission of Psychologists.

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