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Couple therapy

Couple therapy focuses on the problems in relating at the heart of the couple. The sessions are held with each partner present. Each couple is unique, and both partners create a model that is specific to them. Crisis within the couple corresponds to an inability of the couple to manage its internal problems. This could be due to repeated conflicts, difficulty in communicating, and a lack of confidence in one another caused by infidelity, change in sexual attraction, or a difficulty in adapting to physical or mental illness of the other.

The aim of therapy is not to establish a certain truth, but to favour the invention and exploration of other interpretations and perceptions of reality, in order to maximise the possibilities for conceptualisation and action available to the couple. The therapist does not try to take the place of the member of the couple who feel unable to resolve their difficulties, but aims rather to encourage them to use all their personal and interpersonal resources. The objective of therapy is to find a new equilibrium in the couple, with a view to a better understanding and well-being.

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