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Coaching Track

Coaching is a form of individual accompaniment which aims at the optimization of personal effectiveness. Personal effectiveness is the degree to which we reach, professionally and privately, what we want to reach. For the realization of optimal personal effectiveness the following issues matter:

Insight in personal qualities: Everyone has a unique combination of personal qualities. It is not always easy to recognize these qualities and to operationalize them. These qualities can, in a certain sense, be covered by a layer of dust, as a result of which they are hidden from view, and therefore can not be used.

Insight in personal blockades: Blockades are viewpoints, feelings or behaviors which obstruct our optimal effectiveness. Sometimes concrete experiences are the cause of these blockades. In other cases it is not possible to explain how certain viewpoints, feelings or behaviors have arisen, but we know that it is important to unmask them.

Formulate personal goals: Goals are to be formulated as concrete as possible. Generally we have a general aim, but in a lot of cases it appears not simple to indicate the exact goal. The experience teaches: the more concrete and specific the goals are, the more likely it is that we reach what we want to reach.

Integration: The eventual results of coaching tracks are for an important part dependant on the degree in which the person concerned takes responsibility for his/her work and personal life. This plays a particularly important role concerning the integration of the learned in the professional situation. In addition, the attitude of the direct (professional) environment has a big influence on to what extent the learned can be converted and integrated. For these reasons, at every coaching track both is given much attention: taking individual responsibility, and the harmonization process with the direct work environment.

Om deze redenen wordt bij ieder coachingstraject zowel veel aandacht besteed aan het nemen van individuele verantwoordelijkheid, als aan het afstemmingsproces met de directe werkomgeving.

Work method

A typical coaching track has the following phases:

Goal definition: : Definition of the goals and a prognosis of the time investment which can be expected.
Exploration: : To draw up an inventory of the situations which caused the original request.
Strategy: Development of alternative insights and behavior strategies.
Implementationp : Implementation of alternative strategies.
Integration: Integration of the learned into action in the work environment.

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