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Many people are tired of doing what they ‘should do' and realize that they have more choice to do what they ‘want to do'. It is important that you like what you do. This does not mean that each task you aim to realize will be pleasant or evident. We assume that self-efficacy increases by connecting successful experiences to each other. Your self-confidence grows by means of a right phasing and implementation of tasks to reach the larger goals (empowerment). The feeling of self-esteem enhances by founding the manner in which you reach those goals in your values. You decide how your life looks like. You are then less ‘being lived’. In the end, you will go through life as an optimistic person.

According to us, the increased efficacy and the general well being you strive for are only possible when who you are, what you want, what you can and what you finally do, are geared to one another. Coaching helps you to pass through this route; the coach keeps you on your track. Unlike psychotherapy, where the target is merely the decrease of psychic suffering, in coaching the development of skills to reach self-based goals is central.

For coaching you can contact:
Patrick Engelhardt in English, German, Dutch and French
Birgit Vanderhaeghen in English and Dutch
Geert Schelkens in English, Dutch and French

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