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Coaching areas

Coaching takes place in three areas:

The enhancement of the 'question-related' knowledge

Coaching always starts with a question. The role of the coach is to explicit the implicit knowledge of the client (about his professional environment, his motives and desires, and his strengths and weaknesses). To access the implicit knowledge increases the insight of the client ('self efficacy') and therefore he will take better decisions. Sometimes it is sufficient to become conscious of the already existing abilities; sometimes it is necessary to develop them further. The coach then offers alternative perspectives and 'new' knowledge.

The development of interpersonal abilities

Here we refer to the social-emotional abilities or emotional intelligence. One builds further on recognising and using the implicit knowledge. We search for underlying ways of thinking; the coach directs the attention on the fundamental validity or usefulness of the knowledge of the client (convictions or the 'belief system' are submitted to a critical examination). The personality comes up, as well as the question whether the goals are founded on own values.

Life Coaching (orientation on existential questions and decisions)

Coaching can also refer to the meaning of work in the broader context and life areas aside work. The equilibrium between private life and work, as well as their relationship to personal needs and abilities with regard to work, play a central role in Life Coaching.
Four topics are then central. How do you care for your (personal) relations, your material (financial) situation, your career and your health and emotional balance?
The dissonance between the values the client desires, the ones he approves or disapproves and the ones according to which he acts, is critically examined. This dynamic uncovers personality characteristics that lie in the 'shadow', but that can dynamise the client in order produce the desired changes..

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