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Psychotherapy with children

Several problems may occur in a family or educational setting. Parents may have problems in raising and educating their children, while children can have problems at school, with peers or with their parents. This implicates that help can be offered to the child or youngsters as well as to their parents. When is psychotherapy useful?
The problems of children and youngsters can be very diverse. Sometimes children can have emotional problems, e.g. a child ‘worries very much’, is often anxious or has a low self-esteem. Other children can have behavioural problems like telling lies, bullying or aggressive behaviour. Some children may suffer from eating disorders, sleeping problems or cleanliness disorders. Physical complaints can show up, for which no medical reason can be found. Sometimes there are educational problems, problems at school or learning disabilities.

How does psychotherapy work?

Child Psychotherapy is a treatment meant to help children or youngsters with psychological complaints or behavioural problems. Sometimes the demand for treatment doesn’t come from the child itself but from close relatives or teachers who are suffering from the child’s behaviour. The therapist takes into account in the treatment both the child’s development level and the context in which it lives (family, school etc..). This requires a specific method and way of working.
In our work we treat children and youngsters with respect and in a way that fits their age and development, and their specific problems and demands. Depending on the nature of the problem, the treatment is directed to working-through events from the past or to find solutions for actual problems. In child therapy there are several approaches. There is a difference between individual therapies designed for the child and therapies in which family members (parents, brothers and sisters…) and the child meet each other.

Child psychotherapy – Review of treatment possibilities

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