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Psygroup, international joint practice of psychologists in Brussels

The centre in Etterbeek-Brussels is an association of independent psychologists. Patrick Engelhardt took the initiative in the summer of 2001.

We are looking for an independant psychologist
-Having started/finished a psychotherapy training

For further informations:
Patrick Engelhardt 0474-429.990

Patrick Engelhardt also works in Leefdaal

The point of departure was to start an independent collaboration in which all 'psy'-services can be offered and each psychologist can work in his/her own manner.

Psygroup aims to offer independent psychologists an optimal frame to develop professionally on a high quality level. This means to foresee a pleasant accommodation, and to strive for support, respect and challenge in a horizontal team working. The long term vision is to strive for diversity. In the future, the centre can grow organically in function of the staff.

Every staff member is responsible for his/her own work. Most staff members are english-speaking psychotherapists.

  Avenue de la Chasse, 172
  1040 Bruxelles

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